IELTS course

at Rahe Farda school.

What Matters Most.

The first chapter of IELTS at Rahe Farda begins with the speaking skill and interview.

This approach is employed for almost all the courses here and we are proud to train students who are able to SPEAK. Though other skills are important, speaking comes first. The book that you can see will be used as classroom material for IELTS preparation course.


High-Tech Lab for IELTS Course

We have equipped the entire class with laptops.

Class A in Rahe Farda was equipped and became operational in 2017. This class can accommodate up to 15 students and most of the time it is occupied by Mr. Moghimi, the CEO, himself!

Though it is indeed costly, we have managed to standardize one of Rahe Farda classes up to the level of IELTS and equip it with laptops in order for the students to better be able to view the course materials as well as take some of the tests more effortlessly. This class can also be used for listening lab. 


IELTS at Rahe Farda

IELTS Interview Videos

Applicants are provided with sample IELTS videos, tips and tricks. These samples act as model interviews in most cases.

Reinforce Listening

Being one of the required skills to pass the main test, listening serves a great purpose of helping one to comprehend the language better.

Laptops for Students

Students are provided with their own laptops in the IELTS class which help them better see the material and do some tests the smart way.

Student ID Cards

The old school call-the-roll has been replaced by the smart student ID cards.

Skype Interview

In some cases, examinees have to go through online interviews via Skype.


Students are required to present and discuss a topic before their classmates at the end of the term.