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IELTS made easy

With Rahe Farda’s new general IELTS course available, you can master the required skills as fast as possible and let a new window of English open to you. To learn more about IELTS: 

The innovative Slide Course

Designed by Rahe Farda staff, Slide courses range from a variety of daily conversations mixed with fun and entertaining topics serving as the preparatory material for IELTS as well as being appropriate to promote one’s general skills and knowledge of the English language, especially in speaking. Slide 1 is for the basic level adult and young adult learners and Slide 2 is fit for pre-intermediate students while Slide 3 helps learners reach intermediate level. On top of that, Slide 4 is designed to meet the needs of advanced learners.


Yes, Kids Course Too!

Let your kids learn English by playing games and socializing with their classmates in a kid-friendly environment.

Rahe Farda Radio

It's time to put your headphones on and practice some listening.

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